6 Month Anniversary

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This week marks the 6 month anniversary that Nesta has been a tri-pod.  He is still doing amazingly well!  His vigor and zest for life remains high, despite the missing hind leg.  He seems to sleep more these days, and I really hope this is only a result of his age and not the cancer.  I’m sure it has very little to do with his lack of the extra leg.  Of course, there are things he can no longer do as well or as quickly as before, such as chase skateboarders down the street, or neighborhood bunnies out of the yard, or even jump up into his dad’s Nissan Pathfinder.   Thank goodness I drive a lower to the ground Subaru Imprezza; which he thoroughly enjoys, as more often than not it means we are driving on to our next outdoor adventure.  Overall, the past 6 months of Nesta as a tripawd has been a remarkable journey.  Nesta’s entire life has been a remarkable journey, and such is the point of this blog.  So from now on, I hope to create more consistency around telling his story.

He is going to a new holistic vet in Charlotte this week for a check up.  It will be his first trip back to see a vet since his amputation.  We have had many consultations with other holistic vets over the phone and email, but something is telling me it’s time for a physical check-up.  Fingers crossed for an informative visit with positive feedback.  More to come soon…


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