His Magic Tripawds Bandana

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Just wanted to share a few photos we took yesterday of Nesta wearing his new magic bandana.  Ever since he’s been wearing it, he has felt a little better!  So we shall keep wearing it!

DSC_0022 DSC_0016

Smiles for a good day!
Smiles for a good day!


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7 thoughts on “His Magic Tripawds Bandana”

  1. Nesta looks so handsome in his bandana. And it must have so much Tripawd luck and love, because its obvious he was having a fantastic day! I hope today is another great day, and that there are may more ahead.


  2. YES!! All we needed was the magic bandanna (along with Pepcid, Kyle, Kassi’s loving care and Sir Nesta’s strong will) and BAM…..the Nesta reallylooks good and very content! His eyes show peace….no intensity, no stress…..just a lot of love. Maybe a slight irritation at having his picture taken!

    These are wonderful photos! Soooooo glad you shared them with us. He looks so happy in the one with the two of you together. Really…look at him…he’s smiling! He knows how to keep the spoling and loving going.

    His eyes really do show the huge heart he has and the wonderful gentle soul he possesses. Lovely dog inside and out.

    Day by day, and today is a great day. Enjoy!

    Gigantic hugs to you and your pack…..the kind of hugs that wrap all around you a couple of times and make you feel safe and secure!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. What a handsome boy, I just want to grab those cute ears and kiss on them. He looks very happy today, what a cute boy in his blue bandanna. Keep us posted.

  4. You look SO good Nesta, that bandanna really is perking you up!

    We are so happy to see your handsome face. Keep smiling, keep fighting, my friend, the world needs you.


  5. Eh…..just checked back to look at te pictures gain and there was the one with all three of yoj! It wasn’t there before.

    Jjst want to add what a lovely “family portrait it is! Good lookng pack. Yeah, the love fr Sir Nesta is all over that picture! He is one loved pup!

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