One day at a time…

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Today was the day we had set for  the appointment. I made it in a desperate state of mind yesterday for 9am this morning.  Nesta was nauseous and extremely lethargic and disinterested for most of the day yesterday.  We discovered Pepcid AC helps tremendously with the nausea and then I remembered we had some Tramadol from Kyle’s dog Tahoe.  These together seemed to help him feel better toward last night and I could not believe how relaxed and engaging he was when I returned from work.  This morning, I woke at 6am and called the vet to push our time back to 1pm, I still hesitated as I had a feeling today would be a good day.  The weather is beautiful – felt like Fall as soon as we took him out to pee this morning.  Standing outside in the cool morning air, watching Nesta bounce around the yard as he sniffed and pee’d, I could tell things were going to be different today.  He was acting more like himself once again.  How could I possibly say goodbye when he is acting more like himself than he had been all week?  I called again at 11:15 to call it off with his “appointment to transcendance”.  Today is not the day.

We believe his turn around to be a combination of things:  Nesta LOVES fall weather, and all week last week it was hot and humid.   Kyle was home, and that was the first time all week he had been there in the morning.  I think he feels more complete when we are all together.  And the new medications have helped him feel better.  But we understand that you can put a “bandaid” on anything, and it will relieve the symptoms for at least a little while –  a little while.

All day be has rallied.  We have had the windows open in the house, so he hears things going on in the neighborhood  and diligently barks at any off noise, follows us around the house, and plops down on the floor in whatever room we are in.  My dad came over to see him one last time; we sat outside in the front yard on a blanket and he snuggled with my Dad taking advantage of his awesome head rubs.  Still, his appetite is not quite right.  We try everything with him, and we never know if he will like it or not.  If he does like it, he usually eats a bite or two and then turns his nose away.  Pizza is his most favorite naughty snack, so we ordered one today for lunch, and boy that was the most interested in food I have seen him all week!   For dinner, we cooked him a chicken breast and he gobbled that right up as well.   So that’s something to be happy about.  Feeding Nesta and seeing him happily devour it has always brought me joy.  His sweet little belly continues to look swollen, and he is not interested in walks in the neighborhood anymore.  He did, however, walk all the way down the steep hill in our backyard tonight, he also did this on our other “good” day.

Right now, I’m trying to enjoy his presence and know that each day is a gift from God.  I don’t know how long he will remain stable like this, but I will take it while I can.  …One day at a time….  Oh, and we DID get his beautiful blue Tripawds bandana in the mail on Thursday, and like Jerry said,  it must have magical healing powers!  He looks so dapper in it, and I can’t wait to get the photos downloaded so I can share them soon!


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5 thoughts on “One day at a time…”

  1. And a sigh of relief is so big over here it’s downing trees right and left!

    Good boy! Sir Nesta! Good boy!

    Okay, deinitely have some more ups in him during the up and down phase! Yes, it’s one day at a time, but today is a good day.
    Yoj’ve just had aother learning curve in this crazy journey…..developing a new norm so it may not seem quite so frightening should he have anothr down day. This is a rough time, no doubt. It’s also a “good ti e” because you have another day to love and spoil ad Sir Nesta ot pizza!!

    Okay Kyle, you realize you have to stay home ore now! You, tramadol and pepcid seem to be a good comvination.

    It took unbelieveable courage to make the appoi tment…and it took just as much courage to cancel the appointment. But you know your Nesta better than anyone! And Sir Nesta wa ts to enjoy this cool weather and wo derful scents in tne air! You understood that!

    Thank you so much for updatig us. And yes, we want to see tht picture of him styling in his blue bandanna! Go ahead and spill some piza on it Nesta! Your momma wants to see it stained and stinky!!

    Continuing sending empowering hugs and positive energy to you!

    Again, let NOTHING rob you of this time together! You are doing an incredible job!

    Much love,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. I’m so happy to hear that Nesta was feeling better today and that you all had such a wonderful day together!


  3. What a lovely gift that you are able to spend more time with Nesta. I hope it extends beyond all hopes.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  4. What a fantastic update! Thank you so much for sharing. You all have been in our thoughts and prayers. Sounds like you found a combination that is giving both you and Sir Nesta some comfort. I have also found Pepcid to be a life saver, Bella gets it twice a day 30 minutes before her super pills. Keep enjoying the Fall scents and sounds Sir Nesta you are deeply loved!

  5. YAY! Nesta, I know what you mean, I hated hot weather to and when things cooled off I was a different doggie.

    I’m so glad you are enjoying another day with your people. Cancer is a tough ride but the lessons you’ve taught them about living day-to-day are going to last them a lifetime and make them even better people in the long run.

    I can’t wait to see you in the bandanna! That’s a miracle it got to you because of the messed up rain & flooding we’ve been having here. I’m so glad you’re receiving it’s magical powers.


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